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Why We Started DSR - www.DatingSiteRanker.com
Simply put, there are too many dating sites out there. Some are free while others are hundreds of dollars a month.  We though, if we can rank dating site according to editorial and customer reviews, we can come up with a ranker that helps everyone. As a result www.DatingSiteRanker.com was born! It took us about 6 months to develop the system the way we wanted it to be. Now, we are proud of the DSR!

How we make money on this.
Developing  a system like this, hosting the site, and finding real customers to write genuine reviews takes not only time, but money. We do our best to offset this costs by having an affiliate agreement in place with some of these brands. At the end of the day, our reviews are 100% legit, honest, and open!

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