The Top 10 Relationships Sites of 2016

When it comes to finding meaningful relationships online, the key is finding partners that are in the same mindset. Often times, when potential partners are looking for different things in a relationship, the partnership generally suffers. Avoiding this pitfall involves honesty, and being part of a dating site that caters to this area openly.

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eHarmony 4 Million+ 29 Dimensions of Compatibility 97 For those looking for meaningful relationships, you're best bet!

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Can I Find Genuine Relationships Online?

Ultimately, dating comes down to honesty. Generally the sites we've filtered out in this category rank tops for finding genuine relationships.

Tips to Go By:
1. Always meet in a public place.
2. Don't give out your personal information.
3. Always tell a friend or family member where you will be on your initial meeting.

But I'm Not Looking to Get Married Tomorrow

Regardless of your commitment goals, it's unrealistic to expect the marriage question to be truthfully answered on the first date. However, it's important to know early on during the courtship if this is even an option. This not only makes the relationship stronger, it allows either party to part ways much quicker if necessary.