The Top 10 Dating Over 40 Sites of 2016

Whether you're over 40 years old, or looking to date a someone over 40, doing so has tremendous benefits. Generally, these men and women know exactly what they're looking for. The courtship is still quite fun and exciting as it is with any age group, but here you have the value of experience into the mix. While women over 40 at times are classified as 'cougars', don't be fooled, these women have brains and beauty!

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ArrangementFinders 3.8 Million Search by age & location; keyword search; custom search. Targets successful men with beautiful women. 98 If you're tired of traditional relationship, Arrangement Finders is for you. It caters to mutually beneficial arrangements.

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2 eHarmony 4 Million+ 29 Dimensions of Compatibility 97 For those looking for meaningful relationships, you're best bet!

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3 OurTime 1 million+ Advanced Profile Searching 97 If you're single and over 40, this site is your most ideal match!

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4 Reasons Your Best Friend is Dating A Cougar


1. Experience. Older women have lived longer and have experienced more. As a result, they make wiser decisions and give better advice. They prioritize and do not worry about trivial things that do not matter.

2. Good Habits. A cougar woman takes care of herself, both her body and mind. She will never get drunk and vomit all over your carpet; she is not going to chain smoke either and harm her lungs. She will be active and eat nutritiously so that she can maintain a figure that makes younger women jealous. She makes time each to day to relax and reenergize so that she can always function at her very best.

3. Confidence. Older women are secure in their looks and with their bodies. This confidence makes them quite uninhibited.

4. Financially Independent. Cougars have their own money. They do not need men to pay their bills; they can do that for themselves. Many of these women are even willing to help their partners with some of their expenses.